We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Aromatherapy Creations know they are getting an authentic, all-natural, worthy of a zen spa experience on their own home.

Before I created Natur’Aly, I purchased many candles and bath and body products and couldn’t find something that smelled good and did’t give me headaches. I was tired of products filled with harsh chemicals and harmful fragrances.

Then one day my own husband (who has very delicate skin) got sick over a drugstore air freshener. That’s when I decided to make our own natural aromatherapy products and ultimately create a line that would exceed standards of quality above all others.

I knew that the essential oils and organic ingredients that I use for their quality and properties were far more costly than their artificial/chemical counterparts. I was concerned I was creating something that would have a price point that would frighten off all but the most ecologically concieous and environmentally responsible clients.

But then several family members and friends that got some of my products as gifts came back for more to give them to their friends and to use themselves, I knew I was on the right path after all.

I decided I was set out to create the most decadent aromatherapy based bath and body products for the most eco-friendly and chic customers

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Suppliers of sustaible health-friendly pure ingredients were difficult to find and they have high buying minimums so I had to limit my essential blend choices so I could sell our products at a price point to which clients would happily agree.

People still question the quality of essential oils and other ingredients even though they not only smell delicious but have so many wellness benefits.

Because of this, I limited my ingredients to only those that are 100% eco-friendly and from sustainable sources. These ingredients are guaranteed to be grown and handled free of harsh chemicals without any additional preservatives, and all made with ethical labor standards.

Being 2000 miles away from my family proved to be harder that I imagined when I dediced to marry a Pittsburguer and move from the Dominican Republic to Ohio. I was afraid of failing so far from home. That actually made me comit all my passion and knowledge to this endeavor, I knew I had to deliver unique products that my clientelle can’t find anywhere else.

As a psychologist and an aromatherapist, I know the great impact that our sense of smell has on our psique, so it is my mission to bring amazing experiences through delicious, exquisite scents made from the best of nature’s ingredients.